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What is Jagua Tattoo? Features and how to choose a salon in Tokyo.

Jagua Tattoo” is currently popular as a painless tattoo.

  • Want to have fun for a short period of time for an event?
  • Want to try out bold and different designs.
  • Want to try out bold designs and different designs.

If you are afraid of tattoos but want to get one that doesn’t hurt, this is the tattoo for you.
Here, we will introduce the charm of Jagua Tattoo and what you need to know about it. If you are thinking of trying Jagua Tattoo, please refer to this page.

What is Jagua Tattoo?

Unlike traditional tattoos, Jagua tattoos are body paints that are designed with ink made from fruit. It is less harsh on the skin and allows you to enjoy the design you want.

What is Jagua?

The “jagua” in jagua tattoos refers to the “jagua fruit,” also known as genipa americana or wito. The fruit is available in limited areas of South America and has long been used by local tribes as a traditional body decoration.

Characteristics of Jagua Tattoo

Jagua tattoos are characterized by the fact that the dye is placed on the skin and dyes the horny layer. Unlike regular tattoos, where the dye is placed in the dermal layer, there is no pain.
Some people also find it attractive because they can enjoy various designs, unlike tattoos that do not disappear once they are applied.

How Jagua tattoos fall off

Since the design is written on the keratin with dye, it will gradually fall off with the turnover of the skin. The time it takes for a Jagua tattoo design to fall off is usually about two weeks. Therefore, depending on the salon, repairs can be made before it disappears.

Flow of Jagua Tattoo Treatment

Jagua tattoos are easy to get, but some people may be wondering how the procedure is done. Here is a brief explanation of the procedure.

Reception and counseling

After the reception, a counseling session is held to determine the design. There are various ways to decide on a design, from salons where you can choose from a set catalog to salons that allow you to bring in your own design. While discussing with the salon staff, decide where you would like your Jagua tattoo.


The decided design will be transferred to the skin, and the desired design will be carefully drawn with Jagua ink.

Drying and Protection

Once the design is completed, allow it to dry thoroughly and apply a protective seal over the design. Moisture and sweat can cause the Jagua tattoo design to bleed through. Try to keep the design as dry as possible.

Rinse off

After the Jagua Tattoo ink has been dry for at least 3 hours, rinse it off thoroughly. Wipe off the water with a soft towel without rubbing the area to be treated.


The color will not develop immediately after washing and the design will temporarily fade, which is another characteristic of the Jagua Tattoo.

The coloring time may vary depending on the area where the tattoo was done and your body type, but the color will begin to develop “12 to 24 hours” after the ink is washed off. After “2 to 3 days,” the color will be the darkest.

In addition, depending on the area to be treated, the coloring may be darker. In particular, the color tends to appear darker on the hands and feet, so if you do not want it to be noticeable at work, please be careful about the area where the tattoo is applied.

Difference between Jagua Tattoo and Henna Tattoo

In addition to Jagua tattoos, there are also “henna tattoos” that can be made to disappear. The two are similar at first glance, but there are some differences.

Different colors are produced.

Jagua tattoos are dyed dark blue or navy. Henna tattoos, on the other hand, start out orange and gradually turn dark brown. Since the color is derived from the plant, it basically cannot be dyed any other color than this.

If you want to have fun and resemble a real tattoo, Jagua tattoos are the way to go. For delicate and glittering designs, henna tattoos may be a good choice.

Different Ingredients

Jagua tattoos use a dye made from tree nuts and processed into ink, while henna tattoos use a powdered dye made from the leaves of a plant found in India and other countries.

Although both use plants, the dye used in Jagua tattoos, which is made from different raw materials and processed into ink, may contain some additives. If you are concerned about additives, use a salon where the dye is made from plants only.

Advantages of Jagua Tattoo

Jagua tattoos are popular among young people as they are fashionable and easy to enjoy tattoos. Check out the advantages of having the procedure done and enjoy your tattoo.

Realistic Tattoo-like Color

One of the reasons why Jagua tattoos have become so popular is that the dark blue color looks like a real tattoo. Because the color tone is so close to that of a real tattoo, you don’t have to worry about the shine or sheen that is often seen with regular tattoo stickers. This makes them ideal for people who are concerned about the appearance of their tattoos.

You can enjoy a variety of designs.

Jagua Tattoo designs disappear in about two weeks, making it easy to incorporate them whenever you feel like it. Many people enjoy them before special events or live performances. For example, some people get them only during the period when they wear swimsuits while swimming or before going to a live performance.

It is also recommended for those who want to change their design as well as fashion or want to have a flashy design. Normal tattoos will remain forever once they are placed.

However, Jagua tattoos disappear in about two weeks, making it possible for those who are nervous about getting a real tattoo to give it a try. You may enjoy it easily as if it were an accessory.

No Pain

Jagua tattoos do not hurt the skin during the procedure, so there is almost no pain. Therefore, it is possible to repeat the procedure on the same spot. If it is on a less sensitive area such as the hands or feet, you may be able to change the position and try a new design.

In addition, Jagua tattoos do not damage the skin, so there is almost no skin trouble, which is a concern with regular tattoos. If you are concerned about pain, try a Jagua tattoo.

Less harm to the body

Jagua tattoos cause almost no harm to the skin. This is because the ink is made from tree nuts and contains few additives. In addition, the design is completed simply by placing it on the skin, so the risk is considered low.

However, the ingredients contained in tree nuts may cause allergic reactions. Please be careful if you have any of the following allergies.

  • Strawberries
  • Nuts
  • Lacquer
  • Alcohol

The dye is also a direct contact with the skin, and it cannot be said that allergic reactions will not occur at all. Before having the procedure performed, have a professional consultation at a salon that offers jagua tattoos, and confirm the patch test and whether or not you have any allergies yourself.

Tips for long-lasting jagua tattoos

The Jagua Tattoo design will disappear in about two weeks. Therefore, many people would like to enjoy their jagua tattoos for a long time after they have had them done. Here are some easy tips to make it last longer. We hope you will find them useful.

Take care of the area to be treated

It is important to take care of the area where you will have your Jagua tattoo done, both the day before and after the procedure. In particular, we recommend that you keep the area to be treated moisturized. This is because moisturizing prevents the skin from drying out and the dead skin cells in the area of the Jagua tattoo dye from peeling off.

In addition, since keratin naturally flakes off as a solid, removing dead skin cells beforehand will help the design to last longer. If the keratin remains in place, the design will appear more vivid and the color will last longer, so you will be able to enjoy your Jagua tattoo for a longer period of time.

Nevertheless, if the skin is rough due to excessive rubbing or excessive peeling, problems may occur after the Jagua tattoo procedure. When removing dead skin cells, the use of a peeling gel is good, but simply washing more carefully than usual is also effective.

Extend the time you leave it alone.

To make the jagua tattoo design last longer, it is recommended to leave it as long as possible, about 6 hours. Normally, the recommended leaving time for Jagua tattoos is from 3 hours. However, some people have areas or constitutions that are difficult to dye in the normal time. Therefore, if you leave it for a longer period of time, you can expect such areas to be dyed beautifully.

However, if the protective tape is left on for a long period of time, the Jagua Tattoo design may be destroyed due to steam from perspiration, or skin irritation from the tape may occur. The longer you leave it on, the better.

Also, be careful not to touch or rub the design over the protective tape while it is left in place. Although the protective tape will be a concern, keep it at rest, as it will make it difficult to create a beautiful design.

After coloring, prevent moisture and friction.

After the Jagua tattoo has developed, try to avoid rubbing the treated area and avoid getting wet. The dye will not be completely removed simply by taking a bath or bathing in the ocean. However, prolonged use of a hot bathtub may soften the keratin and cause the dye in the jagua tattoo to fade. Once you have a jagua tattoo, avoid prolonged bathing.

Cautions for Jagua Tattoo

Jagua tattoos are stylish and easy to do. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since it is applied directly to the skin, check before the procedure to prevent problems.

It takes two to three days for the color to develop.

The coloring of Jagua tattoos varies from person to person depending on the constitution and the area of the tattoo, but the coloring will be darkest the next day or two after the procedure. If you want to coincide with an event or appointment, it is recommended to undergo the procedure in the reverse order.

Sweat and water may cause it to fade.

Jagua tattoos are susceptible to sweat and water and may fade quickly. Unlike regular tattoos, Jagua tattoos are performed by placing a dye on the skin. Since the dye is not placed deep into the skin, it may fall off due to friction.

After the procedure, be careful not to take baths or swim in the ocean. Avoid getting sweat or water on the area where the Jagua Tattoo was done, and if you do get it, wipe it off gently without rubbing.

It will not come off immediately.

If you rub too hard, the dye may penetrate deep into the skin and remain indelible for a long time. Please do not forcefully rub, especially immediately after the procedure to two days. When getting a Jagua tattoo, try to keep your schedule as flexible as possible or choose an area where your life will not be affected by work, school, etc.

Also, if you have to hide it suddenly, you may want to use foundation tape or foundation spray to cover it up. It is recommended that you find the best way to conceal it depending on the location and situation where you need to hide it.

If you get sunburned, it will remain white.

If you get sunburned after Jagua tattooing, only the treated area will remain white. This is because it is similar to shielding the tattooed area from the sun. As an example, watch burn and sandal burn may be easy to understand.

Once this condition occurs, it can remain for six months to almost a year. To prevent this, you should always wear sunscreen and take precautions against sunburn.

Ranking of recommended salons in Tokyo where Jagua tattoos can be done

Finally, we recommend salons in Tokyo where Jagua tattoos can be performed. In Tokyo, there are salons that offer a guarantee and places where the procedure can be performed at hair removal salons.

If you are in Tokyo and would like to have a jagua tattoo, please choose a salon for your reference.


No. 1: “KAGEROU” where you can easily get a stylish jagua tattoo in a luxurious space.

KAGEROU is a tattoo studio located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and features the ability to receive regular as well as Jagua tattoos.

With its sophisticated interior and state-of-the-art equipment, you will be able to get the design you like.
We place special emphasis on hygiene, and are thorough about not using the same tools over and over again, as well as using healthier supplies.

We are also affiliated with a clinic, so you can rest assured that you will receive support in the unlikely event of an emergency.

The studio offers counseling services, so even those who are interested but afraid to take the first step can feel free to consult with us.

Charge 5 x 5cm size
Approx. 30 min.
5,000 yen
7 x 7cm size
Approx. 40 min.
7,000 yen
10 x 10 cm size
Approx. 1 hour
9,000 yen
For larger sizes
9,000 yen per hour~
option Sizes not listed are also available.
Access Postal code 103-0003
8-5, Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nihonbashi 88 Building 6F
Warranty Available


No. 2: “JAGUABASE,” a reliable salon with a treatment guarantee and repair services.

JAGUABASE is a salon with stores in Daikanyama, Nagoya Osu, and other locations, and offers a treatment guarantee. The artists who perform the treatment have passed the Jagua Tattoo practitioner certification test and are highly skilled.

If the color does not develop, it is guaranteed and will be corrected free of charge. Since the coloring of a Jagua tattoo cannot be determined until the procedure is performed, you can rest assured that even if the coloring is not very light, the procedure will be performed with peace of mind.

Charge 【Designs brought in】 1 yen coin size(2×2cm)×2positions
30 minutes
2,750 yen
【Designs brought in】 1 yen coin size (2 x 2 cm) x 3 locations
30 min.
3,630 yen
【Designs brought in】 1 yen coin size (2 x 2 cm) x 4 locations
45 minutes
4,620 yen
【Bring your own design or design by you】1 yen coin size(2×2cm)×5positions
60 minutes
5,500 yen
【Bring your own design or design by you】500 yen coin size (3 x 3 cm)
30 minutes
2,750 yen
【Designs brought in】3cm width, around the wrist
90 minutes
6,600 yen
【Bring your own design or design by you】3cm width, around the ankle
120 min.
8,800 yen
【Bring your own design or design by you】Business card size (5.5 x 9cm)
45 minutes
4,400 yen
【Bring your own design or design by you】 Photo (L-size) size (9 x 12 cm)
75 minutes
6,050 yen
Postcard size (10 x 15cm)
90 minutes
8,250 yen
Option Available
Access Postal Code 150-0034
Room 604, Castle Mansion Daikanyama, 13-8 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Guarantee Available

No. 3: LULA, a salon where you can make reservations on line and enjoy Jagua tattoos easily.

LULA offers Jagua Tattoo treatment in a hair removal salon. Although the main focus is on hair removal, jagua tattoos can be performed in a salon with a high level of hygiene control.

On their official Instagram account, they also introduce jagua tattoo designs, and you can ask for the one you like. If you are not sure about the design, you can use it as a reference.

If you bring your own design, please let us know two days before the treatment. Prices range from 1,000 yen to 20,00 yen to put in a single point, and they can also handle fill-ins, etc. with an additional apportionment.

Since this is a hair removal salon, hygiene control will be thorough and skin problems will be prevented. Only the Ikebukuro store can perform Jagua tattoos, so please inquire at the Ikebukuro store when you want to have the procedure done.

Charge 1 yen size (15 min. per piece) 1,000 yen
Coin size (15 min. per piece) 1,500 yen
3×3 (30 min. per piece) 2,000 yen
5×5 (60min.) 4,000 yen
8×8 (90min.) 6,000 yen
10×10 (120min.) 10,000 yen
13×13 (150min.) 13,000 yen
15×15 (180min.) 15,000 yen
18×18 (210min.) 18,000 yen
20×20(240min.)20,000 yen
Option Special Areas
Men: Below the navel, chest, V-line, buttocks 1,000 yen
Female V-line, breast and buttocks: 500 yen
I line and O line cannot be applied.
1 yen size ~ 5 x 5 cm 500 yen
8 x 8~10 x 10 cm 1,000 yen
13×13~15×15 cm 1,500 yen
18 x 18~20 x 20 cm 2,000 yen Fill in * per item
1 yen size ~ 5 x 5 cm 50 yen
8 x 8~10 x 10 cm 1,000 yen
13 x 13~15 x 15 cm 1,500 yen
18 x 18~20 x 20 cm 2,000 yen
Access Postal Code 171-0022
2-23-4 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Guarantee None stated

No. 4: Body art SUZUK1, a salon specializing in Jagua tattoos and offering a wide variety of menus

body art SUZUK1 is a salon specializing in Jagua tattoos and specializes in simple designs. The salon is by appointment only, and they listen to each individual’s requests and carefully perform the treatment.

Note that there is only one staff member, so it may be difficult to get an appointment. If you need to make it in for an event or other occasion, check in advance to see if you can make an appointment before scheduling.

Prices are determined by the size of the design, and the smallest 5 x 5 cm size can be done for 4,400 yen. There are options available, so you will be able to add a simple yet cute design.

Charge 5 x 5cm size 4,400 yen (40 min.)
2 x 10 cm size 4,400 yen (40 minutes)
8 x 8 cm size 6,600 yen (90 min.)
2 x 20 cm size / 2 x 10 cm size 2 rows 7,700 yen (90 min.)
5 x 10 cm size 7,700 yen (90 min.)
10 x 10 cm size 9,900 yen (120 min.)
5 x 15 cm size 12,100 yen (120 min.)
15 x 15 cm size: 16,500 yen (150 minutes)
20 x 20 cm size 22,000 yen (180 minutes)
Set of two 3cm size (1 x 4cm) 5,500 yen (60 minutes)
11,000 yen for one round of 3 cm size (120 min.)
22,000 yen for one round of 5 cm size (180 minutes)
One 10cm size round 33,000 yen (240 minutes)
For one whole arm/one whole leg 44,000 yen and up (300 minutes)
55,000 yen and up for the entire leg and back (300 min.)
One-pointed 2-hour all-you-can-write course 14,200 yen (150 min.)
Option 1 x 1cm – 1 x 3 x 3cm size
1,650 yen (30 min.) set of three 1 cm sizes
3,300 yen (30 minutes) consultation slot
*For those who wish to have a design consultation
0 yen (15 minutes)
Access Postal Code 150-0041
504, Daines Ichibankan Shibuya, 1-11-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Guarantee None stated

If you want to get a Jagua tattoo in Tokyo, we recommend “KAGEROU” which is affiliated with a clinic.

Jagua tattoos use ink made from tree nuts, and the procedure is popular as a painless and easy tattoo. It develops a dark blue or navy color in one to two days after the procedure.

Because it resembles a real tattoo, it is fashionable and can be used for a wide range of designs, from a single point to more subtle designs. However, since it is made from tree nuts, those who are allergic to strawberries or peanuts cannot have the procedure.

If you have skin problems or poor health, you can also have a Jagua tattoo on a different day.

Some salons in Tokyo, such as “KAGEROU” introduced here, are affiliated with clinics. Depending on your physical condition, a jagua tattoo may cause skin problems, so in such cases, consult with the affiliated clinic.
In addition, “KAGEROU” also utilizes outside professional organizations to conduct artist training, so its technical skills are second to none.

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