Tatoo Studio KAGEROU



5cm×5cm (Small Size) 12,000JPY~
5cm×10cm (Card) 22,000JPY~
2cm×15cm (Lettering) 26,000JPY~
7cm×14cm (Smartphone) 30,000JPY~
10cm×10cm 40,000JPY~
10cm×15cm (A6) 55,000JPY~
20cm×30cm (A4) 70,000JPY~
Larger than the above 14,000JPY /H

■ In addition to the treatment, a counseling fee of 5,000yen will be charged.

■The fee is based on the size system, but may change depending on the design.
■ Deposit: A portion of the treatment cost will be taken as a reservation deposit.
■ The rough design will be started after the deposit is received.
■ Please note that if you cancel the procedure after depositing, refunds cannot be provided.

■ Deposit: Starting from 5,000yen or 10,000 yen
(The amount may vary depending on the size. We will inform you of the exact amount after booking.)

■ Regarding deposit payment methods:
○ For customers coming in for a consultation:
→ The deposit will be collected in-store.

○ For customers receiving treatment without a consultation:
→ After booking, we will send a dedicated URL for deposit payment.

Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment.