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Keep Art Growing, Engrave Rock, Overcome Us

KAGEROU is a Tokyo-based tattoo studio, adopting the concept of "Never stop evolving" to cater to all styles and genres of tattoos. In recent years, the popularity of tattoos in Japan has surged, and our studio attracts a broad spectrum of generations seeking tattoos for fashion and self-expression. The delicate artistry inherent to the Japanese, combined with cultural elements such as anime and manga, garners appreciation from international enthusiasts. Many travel explicitly to KAGEROU in Japan to get their tattoos. At our studio, with private rooms, multilingual assistance, and stringent hygiene standards, we invite you to choose the design you resonate with.



【Tattoo Artist】
An artist achieving growth at a dizzying pace. She tirelessly explores various genres day and night. Her tattoos will surely brighten your future.


【Tattoo Artist】
Perfectly capturing our clients' wishes and bringing them to life through art. We specialize in a wide range of styles, including American traditional and Japanese motifs, as well as girls' tattoos drawn with intricate dot work. We are dedicated to providing you with a tattoo that is uniquely yours.


【Tattoo Artist】
A young artist who joined KAGEROU. Captures the elements of traditional Japanese tattooing with a modern sensibility, elevating them into one-point designs.


【Jagua Tattoo Artist】
An artist skilled in intricate and delicate designs. She has elevated her childhood passion for drawing into the art of jagua tattoos. She offers designs from a customer's perspective, tailoring them to best fit the individual. If you're considering getting one but are unsure, it's worth consulting with her.

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5cm×5cm(Small Size) 12,000JPY~
5cm×10cm(Card) 22,000JPY~
2cm×15cm(Lettering) 26,000JPY~
7cm×14cm(Smartphone) 30,000JPY~
10cm×10cm 40,000JPY~
10cm×15cm(A6) 55,000JPY~
20cm×30cm(A4) 70,000JPY~
Larger than the above 14,000JPY /H
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QHow much does it cost?

AThe cost varies depending on the size and detail of the design. For a rough estimate, please refer to our PRICE page.

QCan you provide details about the deposit?

A■ Deposit: A portion of the treatment cost will be taken as a reservation deposit.
■ The rough design will be started after the deposit is received.
■ Please note that if you cancel the procedure after depositing, refunds cannot be provided.

■ Deposit: Starting from 5,000yen or 10,000 yen
(The amount may vary depending on the size. We will inform you of the exact amount after booking.)

■ Regarding deposit payment methods:
○ For customers coming in for a consultation:
→ The deposit will be collected in-store.

○ For customers receiving treatment without a consultation:
→ After booking, we will send a dedicated URL for deposit payment.

Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment.

QCancellation policy

AIn our studio, we fine-tune the schedule to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Please avoid last-minute cancellations or changes, as they impact other customers.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please notify us in advance.

Also, be aware that if you cancel or change your appointment less than 7 days before the reserved date, a cancellation fee will apply as outlined below.

【Cancellation fees】
○For customers scheduled for a treatment

・Between three and seven days in advance
→50% of the minimum treatment fee

・Two days in advance
→70% of the minimum treatment fee

・Day before/same day
→100% of the minimum treatment fee

○For consultation-only customers

・From 7 days in advance to the day of the appointment
→Starting from 10,000 yen (varies according to size)

QIs it possible to have a procedure done on the same day?

AYes, it is possible. However, customers with reservations will be given priority. Depending on the design, we may have to decline.

QCan you remodel or cover up my existing tattoo?

AYes, it's possible. However, depending on its current condition, we might decline the request. We recommend visiting us for a consultation first.

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8-5 Nihonbashi Yokoyama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nihonbashi 88 Building, 6th Floor

JR Sobu Main Line/ Bakurocho - 2 minutes on foot
JR Chuo-Sobu Line/ Asakusabashi - 7 minutes on foot
Toei Asakusa Line/ Higashi-Nihonbashi - 2 minutes on foot.