Tatoo Studio KAGEROU



Harry Kazan

【Tattoo Artist】
French tattoo artist, who learn different skills all around world, specialize in Flash work, American traditional and Japanese black work.


【Tattoo Artist】
Blending the unique expressiveness of Japanese comic art with the bold intensity of black & grey, she aims for a fresh style that pays homage to Chicano tattoos. She specializes in dark fantasy art.


【Tattoo Artist】
Perfectly capturing our clients' wishes and bringing them to life through art. We specialize in a wide range of styles, including American traditional and Japanese motifs, as well as girls' tattoos drawn with intricate dot work. We are dedicated to providing you with a tattoo that is uniquely yours.


【Tattoo Artist】
A young artist who joined KAGEROU. Captures the elements of traditional Japanese tattooing with a modern sensibility, elevating them into one-point designs.


【Jagua Tattoo Artist】
An artist skilled in intricate and delicate designs. She has elevated her childhood passion for drawing into the art of jagua tattoos. She offers designs from a customer's perspective, tailoring them to best fit the individual. If you're considering getting one but are unsure, it's worth consulting with her.


【Jagua Tattoo Artist】
With a background in creating unique graphic art for the world, her aesthetic sense shines through in her tattoo designs, making each piece feel like a living work of art. The elegance of her lines and deep color intuition will surely be the first step in etching an everlasting story onto your skin.