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Anime and Manga Tattoos: The Charm and Designs of “Otattoos”

Attention is gathering around a new form of tattoo expression called “Otattoos.”

This is for those who:

  • Want to get tattoos based on anime and manga
  • Are curious about what can be represented through tattoos
  • Are interested in expressions similar to tattoos

We will introduce the appeal and possible designs of tattoos based on anime and manga motifs. If you’re interested, please take this as a reference.

The Appeal of Anime and Manga Motif Tattoos

The tattoo expression method focusing on various anime and manga motifs is attracting attention. For those interested in learning more, we will explain the charm of Otattoos here.

What is an Otattoo? An Otattoo is a tattoo that uses character designs from anime, manga, and games as motifs. The term “Otattoo” comes from combining “Otaku” culture symbols with tattoos, resulting in a pop and colorful design. Unlike the intimidating impression of traditional tattoos, Otattoos have gained popularity among the younger generation and women who are tired of ordinary tattoos.

Popularity of Anime and Manga Motif Tattoos Abroad As a part of art, Otattoos with unique and fun designs are popular overseas as well. Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Ruby Rose, and Chris Brown have gotten tattoos with anime and manga motifs, indicating its support as a means to express personal hobbies and interests.

“Tattoo × Anime/Manga” Designs

Otattoos allow you to permanently keep your favorite characters from impactful works on your body. It would be disappointing not to be able to get the motif you want. Here, we introduce what kind of designs can be tattooed based on anime and manga.

Tattooing the Anime/Manga Character Itself It’s possible to tattoo your favorite character itself. You can choose from various motifs, such as directly using anime/manga character designs or chibi (deformed) versions.

Colors in Tattooing There are various options for coloring, such as:

  • Line art without color filling
  • Clear colors like anime illustrations
  • Black and white like manga screen tones
  • Watercolor-like without distinct lines Considering the color method can also be crucial when tattooing your favorite anime/manga character.

Tattooing a Character’s Tattoo Some fans also wish to get tattoos that anime/manga characters have. Characters with tattoos include:

  • Nami from “One Piece”
  • DIO from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”
  • Draken from “Tokyo Revengers”
  • Homunculus from “Fullmetal Alchemist”
  • Rebecca from “Black Lagoon” You can tattoo the same design in the same location as these characters. Consult with your tattoo artist if you wish to do so.

Incorporating Anime/Manga Logos or Symbols as Tattoos You can also tattoo logos or symbols from anime and manga, such as:

  • The “Poké Ball” from Pokémon
  • The “Demon Slayer Corps” logo from Demon Slayer
  • The “Devil Fruit” from One Piece
  • The “NERV logo” from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • The “Phantom Thief Kid’s notice logo” from Detective Conan These designs can be subtly included as a small, stylish point, recommended for those who find larger tattoos challenging.

Anime/Manga Quotes and Illustrations as Tattoos You can capture a favorite scene from an anime/manga and tattoo it, including specific quotes or dialogues. Everyone has scenes that shine or touch their hearts, revisiting the work to find that perfect moment for a tattoo can be worthwhile.

To Avoid Regrets with Anime/Manga Tattoos

Like traditional tattoos, Otattoos are permanent. To avoid regrets, consider the following:

  • Choose Jagua Tattoos: For a temporary option, Jagua tattoos fade in about two weeks, suitable for cosplay, events, or trials.
  • Opt for Small Tattoos: Small tattoos can be less daunting and easily hidden if needed, making them a subtle fashion statement.
  • Find an Artist Skilled in Anime/Manga Motifs: Ensure the tattoo artist is experienced in anime/manga motifs for satisfaction with the art and technique.

If you’re in Tokyo and interested in anime/manga motif tattoos, “KAGEROU” in Nihonbashi is a tattoo studio with experienced artists in Otattoos and Jagua tattoos. For inquiries and consultations about Otattoos, feel free to reach out.

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