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What are Tattoo Stickers! Thorough investigation of how to apply and the different types.

I want my tattoo stickers to look good.
How do I make my tattoo sticker last longer?
“Is there any other way to get rid of my tattoo besides using stickers?”
Are you worried about these things?

In this article, we will show you how to apply a tattoo sticker and what other disappearing tattoos there are.
If you read to the end, your worries about how to choose a tattoo sticker or a disappearing tattoo will be solved.

What are Tattoo Stickers?

Tattoo stickers are stickers with designs that look exactly like real tattoos, which can be transferred to the body to make it look like a tattoo. Recently, we often see people wearing tattoo stickers at events such as Halloween and live concerts.

  • I have to go to school or work, so I can’t get a tattoo.
  • I want to get a tattoo, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me.
  • I want to try it out, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me.
    We recommend these stickers for people who want to try out a tattoo but are not sure if it is right for them.

They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs and can be easily purchased at online stores, mass retailers, and general merchandise stores.

How to Apply Tattoo Stickers

We will show you what to prepare for the actual application of the tattoo sticker and how to apply the tattoo sticker.

Preparation before applying a tattoo sticker

3 things to prepare before applying a tattoo sticker

3.Cotton or tissue

How to apply a tattoo sticker

1. clean the area of your body where you want to apply the tattoo sticker.
Use soap and water to clean the area, as this will help the sticker to last longer.

2.Using scissors, cut out the design you wish to apply from the base of the tattoo sticker.
Be careful to cut it out, as some tattoo sticker base paper has little space between it and the other illustrations.
It is also recommended that you cut the tattoo sticker so that there is less margin around the design. If the blank space around the tattoo sticker is also applied to the skin, the area around the design will also shine when the tattoo is applied.

3.Peel off the transparent film from the illustration side.
Be careful not to damage the illustration with your fingernails when removing the film.

4.Place the illustration face down on the skin gently.
After placing the sticker on the skin, make sure to check the position of the sticker before placing it on the skin, as the sticker may sag if the position is not adjusted.

5.Dampen a tissue or cotton ball with water and place it over the sticker.
Hold it gently for about 20 seconds to transfer the design of the sticker to your skin.

6.Gently peel off the sticker!
Allow the sticker to dry for about 5 minutes to allow the sticker to set more easily.

We recommend using this method to apply the tattoo sticker to your body for a clean transfer!
Try it when you get your tattoo sticker.

How to remove a tattoo sticker

Next, we will show you how to remove the tattoo sticker.
If you want to remove the tattoo sticker before it disappears naturally, please refer to this guide.

Preparation for Removing a Tattoo Sticker

What to prepare when removing a tattoo sticker
1. olive oil or cleansing oil (high viscosity is recommended)
2. tissue or cotton

If you are in a hurry, prepare cellophane tape.

How to remove a tattoo sticker

1. apply oil all over the tattoo sticker and massage gently for about 5 minutes.
The oil will lift the sticker and make it easier to remove.

2.When the sticker starts to float, gently peel it off.
When the sticker is completely removed, wipe clean with a tissue or cotton ball.

If you are in a hurry to remove the tattoo sticker

If you are in a hurry to remove the tattoo sticker, place a piece of cellophane tape over the tattoo sticker and peel off the tape and the tattoo sticker together.

How to take care of your tattoo after removing the sticker

Moisturize the removed surface, especially if you used cellophane tape to remove the sticker in a hurry, as it may damage your skin. It is recommended to moisturize more carefully than usual, as your skin may be rough for a few days.

3 Recommended Tattoo Sticker Designs

If you want to get a tattoo sticker but are not sure about the design, here are some recommended tattoo sticker designs.

Design 1: Tribal Patterns for Men

The first recommendation is the “tribal pattern” for men.
Tribal pattern is one of the tattoo designs inspired by the patterns of foreign ethnic groups.
The cool design popular among men is the recommendation for the tribal pattern.


Design 2: Korean-style design with cute one-pointed design

The second recommended design for tattoo stickers is the “Korean style” design.
Korean style designs are popular among young women and can be found on tattoo stickers, making it easy to enjoy Korean style fashion.

The line illustrations and flower designs are cute and highly recommended.
The one-pointed designs are small in size, so you can put them on your wrists or collarbones for a subtle fashion statement.


Design 3) Pair look with lettering

Lettering” is a great way to get matching tattoo stickers for friends and couples.
Lettering is a tattoo design in which letters are drawn in writing.

Lettering designs are not illustrations, but letters, so they can be easily applied by anyone, male or female. If you want to get a pair of tattoo stickers, lettering is recommended.


Do Tattoo Stickers Last? How long do they last?

You want to get a tattoo sticker, but you are wondering how long it will last.
Here is some basic information about tattoo stickers, such as whether they will fade away quickly and how long they will last.

How long do tattoo stickers last?

Tattoo stickers last about 4-6 days on average.
The number of days is an estimate, as it depends on the sticker, the area of the body, and the irritation to which the tattoo sticker is subjected.

If you have a tattoo sticker on your hand, it will peel off more easily than on other parts of your body if you wash your hands a lot. Also, if the sticker is placed on an area that rubs against your clothes, it will come off more easily due to the friction of your clothes.

Tattoo stickers can stay clean for about two days after they are applied, but after the third day, the sticker is more likely to chip or the design will fade.
In total, a tattoo sticker usually lasts 4-6 days.

Tattoo stickers rarely disappear cleanly after only two days of application. If you are planning to apply your tattoo sticker only on weekends, be prepared to remove your tattoo sticker beforehand.

How to make a tattoo sticker last longer

If you can apply a tattoo sticker, you want it to last a long time. Here are some tips on how to keep your tattoo sticker as clean as possible.

1.Before applying the tattoo sticker, make sure to remove any dirt or sebum from the skin where the tattoo sticker will be applied.
If you apply the tattoo sticker while there is still sebum or dirt on your skin, it will interfere with the sticker’s adhesion to your skin.

Sebum can cause the sticker to peel off easily and become saggy. Before applying the tattoo sticker, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin of sebum and dirt.

2.Let the tattoo sticker dry for about 5 minutes after applying it.
To keep your tattoo sticker looking good for a long time, we recommend that you let it dry for about 5 minutes after you are done applying it.

This will allow the water on your skin to evaporate, and will also allow the sticker to set on your skin. Allow the sticker to dry for about 5 minutes after applying the tattoo sticker to allow it to set on your skin.

Disappearing Tattoos other than Tattoo Stickers

Do you think that applying tattoo stickers is a bit of a hassle, or do you want to get a fake tattoo that you can enjoy longer than a tattoo sticker?

There are other types of tattoos that can be enjoyed for a short period of time!
Here we will introduce you to “Henna Tattoo” and “Jag Tattoo” which disappear in a short period of time.

What is henna tattooing?

Henna Tattoo Basic Information
Brown, dark orange
3-4 weeks

Henna tattoos have been common in the Middle East and India since ancient times. A dye made from a plant called “henna” is used for tattoos, manicures, and even for dyeing gray hair. The dye for henna tattoos is a paste made from a naturally occurring powder extracted from henna.

Because it is made from naturally derived ingredients, pregnant women sometimes get henna tattoos as a souvenir photo of their growing bellies.

We will show you how to perform henna tattoos.

1. draw the design on the skin with the dye paste and let it dry for a certain period of time.
Some people leave the paste in place for as little as 3 hours and as long as 8 hours.

2. peel off the paste after a certain amount of time.
As the paste dries, it becomes hard and sticks to the skin like a scab. It is not recommended to try to forcibly remove the paste, as this may cause damage to the skin.

We recommend using a damp tissue or cotton ball to moisten the henna paste a little at a time, similar to how you remove a tattoo sticker.

It is also recommended to put a protective seal on the henna tattoo paste when you put it on your skin. This is because when you peel it off, you can remove the paste together with the protective sticker.

Henna tattoos are sensitive to water. It is not recommended to use the hot water of a shower vigorously when removing the henna paste. The design may sag or run off along with the henna paste. Gently dampen the water and then remove the henna tattoo paste.

3. remove the henna paste and you are done. The color will fade in about 3-4 weeks.

What is a Jagua Tattoo?

Jagua Tattoo Basic Information
Jagua fruit (genipa americana)
Dark blue
2 weeks

Jagua tattoos are disappearing tattoos that have been performed in the Amazon region of South America for centuries. The dye is made from jagua fruit (genipa americana), a plant native to South America and the tropics.

Like the dye used in henna tattoos, the dye used in Jagua tattoos is derived from plants. The juice extracted from the jagua fruit (genipa Americana) is used to make the ink (paste).

The color of Jagua Tattoo fades in two weeks, so it is recommended for those who want to try it out and check it out before getting a real tattoo.

We will show you how to perform a Jagua tattoo.

1. a thin needle is used to draw the design with the dye paste.
There is no pain as the dye is simply placed on the skin. It is just like drawing a design with a pen.

2.After the design is finished, dry the dyed area with a hair dryer for about 10 minutes, and apply gauze or tape to protect the area from impact. Then leave the gauze or tape on for at least 3 to 6 hours to dry.

3. remove the ink thoroughly with water. Remove the ink thoroughly, but do not rub or irritate the treatment area. The ink will be removed, but do not rub or irritate the tattoo area.

4.Once you have removed the ink from the Jagua tattoo, the work you can do yourself is complete. The color will disappear completely in about 2 weeks.

Three reasons why we recommend Jagua Tattoo

Here are three reasons why we recommend Jagua Tattoo.

Reason #1: Looks just like a real tattoo

Jagua tattoos are fake tattoos that look exactly like real tattoos. Unlike henna tattoos, the dye is dark blue, so the coloring when dyed looks more like a real tattoo.

Henna tattoos are brownish-brown or dark orange, so it is easy to tell that it is a fake tattoo, while Jagua tattoos look more like a real tattoo than henna tattoos.

Jagua tattoos look just like real tattoos because the dye is dark blue, and are recommended for those who want to have a design that looks just like a real tattoo.

Reason #2: It disappears in about two weeks, so it can be used in swimming pools and hot springs!

Jagua tattoos are easy to go to the pool or spa because they disappear in two weeks. The reason why it is easy to go to the pool or spa after having a Jagua tattoo done is because unlike real tattoos or henna tattoos, the design disappears in two weeks.

Since Jagua tattoos disappear in two weeks, it is possible to get a tattoo in one summer and then go to the pool after the Jagua tattoo design disappears after two weeks!

If you get a jagua tattoo on August 1, you can go to the pool after the Bon Festival is over because the jagua tattoo will already be gone by the Bon Festival.

The Jagua tattoo is recommended for those who want to enjoy both tattooing and fun since it is easier to go to hot springs and swimming pools compared to real tattoos and henna tattoos!

Reason 3) The procedure is painless.

Unlike real tattoos, the Jagua Tattoo procedure is painless because it is performed without needles. The reason why the Jagua Tattoo procedure is painless is because although the color is applied to the skin using a needle, the needle does not penetrate the skin.

The Jagua Tattoo is painless because the needle is placed directly into the skin. The paste can be removed with water after the procedure, so it does not cause pain to the skin like peeling off a scab.

The Jagua Tattoo procedure does not cause pain during the procedure because the needle is not inserted into the skin. This faux tattoo is recommended for those who do not like pain.

I recommend Jagua tattoos because they are nicer than tattoo stickers and disappear in two weeks!

Tattoo stickers are the most familiar and readily available of all faux tattoos. However, the disadvantages are that they peel off after a week and can be applied incorrectly.

Jagua tattoos look just like real tattoos, but they do not cause pain and can be easily enjoyed.
Also, the design fades away after two weeks, so you can go to the pool or spa without worrying about anything!

Enjoy the pool and hot springs with Jagua Tattoo and the realistic design!

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