Tatoo Studio KAGEROU




She began tattooing while attending art school. She has specialized in the basics and application of design, and her skills are top-notch. She can handle all genres of tattooing and create a special work of art for you.



Tattoo artist specializing in intricate black & grey and black work. Also has extensive experience in character designs for manga and anime. We offer world-class techniques.


【Tattoo Artist】
An artist achieving growth at a dizzying pace. She tirelessly explores various genres day and night. Her tattoos will surely brighten your future.


【Tattoo Artist】
Perfectly capturing our clients' wishes and bringing them to life through art. We specialize in a wide range of styles, including American traditional and Japanese motifs, as well as girls' tattoos drawn with intricate dot work. We are dedicated to providing you with a tattoo that is uniquely yours.


【Tattoo Artist】
A young artist who joined KAGEROU. Captures the elements of traditional Japanese tattooing with a modern sensibility, elevating them into one-point designs.


【Jagua Tattoo Artist】
An artist skilled in intricate and delicate designs. She has elevated her childhood passion for drawing into the art of jagua tattoos. She offers designs from a customer's perspective, tailoring them to best fit the individual. If you're considering getting one but are unsure, it's worth consulting with her.

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